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PRICES FOR THE "NEW" REEL FASTER Offshore Fishing Excursions
"Introducing the Reel Faster" 36' Yellow Fin. Triple 300 HP Mercury Outboards.
Climb aboard the Reel Faster and catch the thrill of 900 hp, getting you offshore fast for some great fishing! Equipped with high-end electronics and safety equipment, and top-of-the-line gear.

PRIVATE FISHING CHARTERS - 1 to 6 Passengers Price

Half Day
4 HOURS - $950.00

3/4 Day
6 HOURS - $1,475.00

Full Day
8 HOURS - $1,950.00
10 HOURS - $2,600.00

All of our vessels sail from the convenient Rose Marina, Marco Island, FL. Just minutes from anywhere on Marco - and only 15 miles from downtown Naples. CLICK HERE FOR MAP, DIRECTIONS & WEATHER.

Call (239) 642-5415 today to learn more about your many options, to reserve a date, or to speak with our event planning professionals.

*Prices Subject To Change*
****48 Hour cancellation notice for all fishing charters

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